Bone augmentation before dental implant placement

For a precise fit bone augmentation

In the case of longstanding tooth loss or after accidents, the jawbone has often regressed (resorbed). Using 3D X-ray procedures, we determine how much bone is still present.

By bone augmentation, in most cases an implant can be placed despite the bone loss.

Bone augmentation can be performed in both the lower and upper jaw and ensures that the implant can be securely anchored in the jawbone. We use only the patient's own bone. This bone is placed in or on top of the weakened jawbone.

From the knowledge of the natural dentition of humans, we know that an implant-supported denture comes closest to the natural conditions.

For this reason, an implant in a built-up bone has the longest life compared to other types of dentures. You regain the quality of life you are used to.

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Why is bone so important for the durability of implants?

Bone augmentation is particularly important because we want to work with you to achieve a long service life for your implant as well as its proper function.

To this end, it is essential that the implant is surrounded by sufficient bone material. In addition, there may be other anatomical features that suggest bone augmentation, for example, consideration of the course of the nerves or the maxillary sinus.

What types of dental implants are used at Pirmadent?

At Pirmadent, we attach great importance to high-quality dental implants, especially those made of ceramic. We have compiled further information for you on this topic in our Services section. You can also find out more here:

Implants that will last you a long time.

When selecting implants, we work exclusively with renowned manufacturers and ensure that you receive the solutions that are particularly well suited to you and your needs.

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