Aesthetic dentistry

For your most beautiful smile!

Health, well-being and beauty play an important role for our patients.

We therefore combine high-quality care with the demand for first-class aesthetics. In order to meet your expectations in this regard, we offer the following procedures in our practice in Pirmasens:

  • Metal-free, all-ceramic dentures
  • Aesthetic front tooth corrections
  • High quality restorations
  • Inlays made of gold and ceramics
  • Crowns and bridges made of zirconium dioxide
  • Ceramic veneers for the anterior region

Aesthetic dentistry in Pirmasens

Beautiful and healthy teeth with Pirmadent!

We are committed to the health and esthetics of your teeth with a lot of experience and dedication. Talk to us - together we will find the solution that suits you.


Options in detail

Dental esthetics at Pirmadent

What speaks in favor of metal-free tooth replacement solutions?

At Pirmadent, we specialize in biological dentistry and are happy to offer you solutions that harmonize perfectly with your body. That's why we place great emphasis on ceramic dentures.

You can learn more about this here on our website:

What is an front tooth correction?

We speak of an anterior tooth correction if you are not satisfied with the position of your front teeth. This can also be the case for aesthetic reasons.

We offer you various methods with which slight malocclusions can be optimally corrected. For example, transparent splints that gently move the teeth into the correct position.

What is special about zirconia crowns and bridges?

Zirconium dioxide is a material that is characterized by extremely high abrasion resistance, i.e. it is very durable. It also has excellent chemical resistance. This is also the reason why it is used for various medical prostheses and implants (for example, also for the production of hip joint implants).

We use the material to make a fixed prosthesis for you, which is biologically neutral and can therefore be used well in the area of gums and mucous membranes. It conducts heat and cold only very slightly, so there is also no sensitivity to pain.

Radiantly beautiful and healthy!

What could be better than combining health and esthetics? Whether anterior tooth correction or high-quality, perfectly color-coordinated dentures, at Pirmadent you receive dentistry according to your ideas.

We would be happy to advise you!




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