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Periodontitis is a disease of the periodontium in which the gums become inflamed. The trigger for this is bacteria, which initially spread through bacterial plaque in the oral cavity.

Gum bleeding, which is not taken seriously by the general public, is the visible expression of periodontitis. These bleedings on the gums are an alarm sign and should be examined immediately.

This is because periodontitis increases the risk of heart attack and stroke by a factor of two to three. During pregnancy, the risk of premature birth increases. However, periodontitis is preventable and curable!

Periodontitis treatment in Pirmasens

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Possibilities in detail

Treat periodontitis or avoid it altogether. Pirmadent advises.

What treatment options are used for periodontitis?

We offer a wide range of treatment options in our practice and usually manage without painful surgery. By using the latest ultrasonic instruments, polishing pastes and the laser, the teeth can be thoroughly cleaned even under the gums.

The bacteria are removed and the inflamed gum pockets are finally sterilized.

For pre- and aftercare, we recommend that our patients have regular professional teeth cleaning by our specially trained prophylaxis staff. In addition, we also perform a periodontitis risk test to determine your personal risk.

How can you recognize periodontitis?

Bleeding gums are, as already mentioned, an important identifying feature of periodontitis. In the early stages, however, there are usually no easily recognizable symptoms. Only over time do complaints develop, which include receding gums and sensitive teeth.

Treat periodontitis, protect health.

If you have problems with your gums, you should definitely contact us. Targeted treatment can prevent many complaints and health impairments.

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