3-D X-Ray

Digital volume tomography

The term 3-D X-ray stands for a modern, three-dimensional X-ray technique. Today, the procedure is also called digital volume tomography.

A rotating X-ray tube is used to scan the region in question and the data set is stored digitally. With the help of a computer, this is converted into three-dimensional images. The very high-resolution three-dimensional images allow extremely precise diagnostics and, as a result, exact treatment planning with significantly greater treatment success for patients.

3-D X-Ray in Pirmasens

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Procedure in detail

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Benefits: What are the benefits of taking 3D x-rays of my teeth and jaw?

3D X-ray technology (DVT) is superior to 2D X-ray technology due to its significantly higher information content. At the same time, the radiation exposure of today's generation of DVT devices is quite comparable to devices of conventional 2D imaging technology, which is known as overview image or orthopantomogram (OPG) in dentistry.

Clear advantages of DVT are:

  • high detail of the images opens up superior diagnostics and exact treatment planning
  • no need for repeat exposures due to insufficient information
  • no "tube exposure": especially suitable for patients with claustrophobia
  • low radiation exposure: only approx. 20% of a CT or approx. 6 times that of an OPG
  • very short duration of the exposure (in the range of minutes)
  • absolute freedom from pain
  • every operation planned after DVT is safer, more accurate and shorter in duration
  • risks are minimized due to the data obtained
  • unforeseen costs in the course of treatment can almost always be excluded

What are the costs of 3D X-rays?

The price depends on the device used and the size of the imaged tooth or jaw region. The evaluation of the DVT image is already included in the price.

In which cases do you recommend digital volume tomography / 3-D X-ray?

  • Tooth fractures or accidents
  • Endodontics (root canal treatment)
  • Periodontology
  • Diagnostics of nerve courses
  • Bone diseases
  • Temporomandibular joint structures
  • Implant planning
  • Diagnostics in surgical dentistry (root residues, tooth attachments, position of wisdom teeth, etc.)

What are Pirmadent's goals in using 3-D X-ray?

You will be fully advised and cared for with precise diagnostics and treatment planning according to current technical possibilities. Only in this way is it possible to carry out a unique treatment and keep the costs low by providing comprehensive information.

Also for reasons of the overall high cost burden nowadays, the frequent repetition on the one hand of the same treatments on the same tooth and on the other hand of the same treatment procedures is prohibited.

What does 3-D X-ray look like in practice?

In the following exemplary images, we show you the importance of the third dimension in dental volume tomography (DVT). This third dimension provides detailed additional information that positively influences the therapeutic procedure for the patient. This means that gentler and more targeted treatment methods can be used for the patient.


In this 2D X-ray image, you can see a root-filled tooth whose root filling has failed (from the patient's view at the top right). The question is, at what depth is the overpressed root filling material?


The third dimension in this 3D X-ray shows the additional information that the maxillary sinus is marked by a severely swollen mucosal reaction (see arrow).


If you look at the tooth with the failed root filling in this 3D image in top view, you can clearly see that the overpressed root filling material was transported directly into the maxillary sinus. This information can only be displayed with a 3D X-ray technique.


Our patient flyer on the subject of 3-D X-rays

What is digital volume tomography / 3D X-ray all about, how does it work at Pirmadent and what are the benefits of the procedure? You can find out this and more in our flyer.

The 3D X-ray convinces with high detail accuracy. For outstanding diagnostics.

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