Ceramic implants

and biological dentistry

We are an advanced practice specializing in biological dentistry and ceramic implants. We work taking into account biological and immunological principles.

The teeth and their immediate environment (bacterial flora, mucosa, bone, blood vessel supply, masticatory muscles) are very closely related to the overall human organism and thus to chronic and/or autoimmune diseases.

No other medical discipline except dentistry allows dead tissue or organs, in this case especially dead teeth, to remain in the body, attracting bacteria in particular from the oral cavity and thus providing particularly good breeding grounds for these bacteria and their growth. The (toxic) substances secreted by the bacteria, which are harmful to humans, can be involved in triggering chronic diseases or negatively influence existing chronic diseases.

Our treatment philosophy is based on the treatment of dental diseases taking into account the whole human organism.

This means that we treat dental diseases including their harmful effects on the whole person. We strive to discharge you as a healthy person after successful and sustainable dental treatment.

Ceramic implants in Pirmasens

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Possibilities in detail

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What speaks in favor of ceramic implants in terms of biological dentistry?

Unnatural foreign materials can sometimes also cause previously unknown long-term effects in the human body.

Everything in our oral cavity is very closely related to the whole organism of the human being and therefore also to chronic or probably autoimmune diseases. That is why we have specialized. Ceramic implants are the future and also the most body-compatible, hardest and most stable material that dentistry has to offer. Thus, we offer you a metal-free aesthetic biocompatible high-performance material.

In addition, studies have shown that these ceramic implants are much less likely to have negative reactions from the immune system than titanium. In addition, it is now scientifically proven that the soft tissue surrounding the implant responds excellently to zirconia implants.

How can healing mechanisms be specifically supported?

To support the healing mechanisms, we use the body's own growth factors from centrifuged autologous blood (technical term PRF_= platelet-rich fibrin).
When blood is taken from your vein, it is enriched with these growth factors by centrifugation.

The implant surfaces are then moistened with it. This improves and accelerates the healing of the implant.

What is an immediate implant and in which cases is it placed?

If a diseased tooth is extracted (removed), a ceramic implant is immediately placed at this location in the same session, and if necessary, it is immediately restored with a temporary crown.

  • In case of extensive destruction of a tooth
  • in the case of a tooth with irreversible nerve inflammation (e.g. at the root tip)
  • in the case of an already root-filled (dead) tooth with an inflammation / spread of bacteria throughout the body

For what reasons are ceramic implants placed?

You have a missing tooth and do not want to have the healthy neighboring teeth ground down, or you have the following situation:

  • shortened row of teeth; restoration of chewing ability by means of a fixed implant;
  • extensive or complete toothlessness and the prevention of further bone loss
  • Restoration of stable chewing ability by implant-supported dentures (fixed).

Implants that will last you a long time.

When selecting implants, we work exclusively with renowned manufacturers and ensure that you receive the solutions that are particularly well suited to you and your needs.

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