Sports mouthguard

Being active with safety for your teeth

Do you play sports? Then PLAYSAFE® is just right for you! We at Pirmadent will be happy to advise you on the right solution for you and your sport.

Boxing, kickboxing, ice hockey, field field hockey, squash, karate, judo, motocross, mountain biking, roller skating, skateboarding, polo, military riding, wrestling, handball, rugby, American football, water polo, etc. are all sports in which a mouthguard should be worn.

Annually, more than 5 million teeth are knocked out by sports activities in the U.S. alone, according to a study by the National Youth Sports Foundation. A mouthguard can protect against this.

Sports mouthguard in Pirmasens

You play sports? At Pirmadent you can get the right mouthguard!

Sport should be fun and not provide additional dangers. We advise you on the appropriate mouthguard, from field hockey match to kickboxing!


Possibilities in detail

Your mouthguard for athletes:inside, naturally from Pirmadent

What is important in a good mouthguard?

Many manufacturers offer inexpensive mouthguards, but they do not provide the necessary force distribution due to poor retention. These so-called "boil & bite" mouthguards are heated and the athlete bites into the mouthguard. However, such a mouthguard wears out just as quickly and subsequently offers no support at all and possibly even prevents breathing during sports.

A good mouthguard hardly affects the athlete, has a good fit and thus prevents any impairment of breathing or speech.

The PLAYSAFE® mouthguard acts as a combination of cushioning and force distribution. The incoming blow is partially dissipated and the residual energy is distributed over the entire extent of the mouthguard. In this way, the force is not only unloaded on the anterior teeth but also distributed to the molars.

In order to ensure this force distribution in this way, a good fit of the entire mouthguard is necessary.

The PLAYSAFE® mouthguard achieves the high force distribution by laminating the relatively soft, extremely impact-resistant "Erkoflex" material.

Which mouthguard is right for my sport?

PLAYSAFE® offers four different types of mouthguards (light, medium, light pro and heavy-pro). Depending on your sport, we will offer you the appropriate mouthguard.

How much does a PLAYSAFE® mouthguard cost?

To this end, we ask the counter question. What are your teeth worth to you? It is significantly cheaper than the restoration of a broken tooth. The cost of the mouthguard depends first of all on the type of PLAYSAFE® mouthguard, which we manufacture individually for you. As a rule, the material and laboratory costs amount to approx. 100-150 €. However, we will be happy to provide you with a personal cost estimate.

You can find even more information at, in our flyers and in a personal conversation with us!


Information flyer on the subject of sports mouthguards from Pirmadent

Which mouthguard variants are there and for which sport can I use them? You can find out this and more in our flyers.

Protect teeth. Also during sports.

Are you active in sports and want to do everything possible to avoid putting your teeth at risk? Then a high-quality mouthguard fitted by dentists can help you decisively.

We would be happy to advise you!




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