Professional teeth whitening

For many people, not only healthy, but also dazzling white teeth belong to a well-groomed appearance. We would like to fulfill this wish for you with high-quality, professional bleaching of your teeth.

When you come to Pirmadent for teeth whitening, we attach great importance to whitening your teeth gently and safely. Therefore, every bleaching procedure is also preceded by a consultation and professional teeth cleaning.

With the medically tested procedures, it is usually possible to increase the brightness by several color levels.

Teeth whitening in Pirmasens

We are your contact for radiantly bright teeth

If you are not sure whether tooth whitening is an option for you, we are happy to help. Please feel free to make an appointment at Pirmadent.


Procedure in detail

This is how we perform your professional tooth whitening at Pirmadent

What discoloration can be treated by bleaching at Pirmadent?

The fact that human teeth have a very slightly yellowish hue is quite natural. In addition, there are many foods and stimulants that affect the color of teeth over time.

Tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco have the strongest effect, especially when consumed regularly. In addition, certain juices, spices and other foods that contain a lot of colorants can also have an effect on tooth color. This happens when color pigments penetrate the tooth enamel.

Bleaching lightens the teeth again, and in principle all the discolorations mentioned above can be eliminated or reduced.

Why is a PZR (professional teeth cleaning) performed before whitening?

Professional tooth cleaning is an important basis for successful bleaching. Targeted polishing of the tooth surface removes any plaque. This makes it easier for the bleaching gel applied later to develop its optimum effect.

How long does the bleaching in Pirmasens take?

After the PZR is completed, we apply a special, high-quality bleaching gel to your teeth. This should be left on for about 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the desired result and your individual requirements.

The gel can then be removed again.

You should leave the whitening of your teeth to professionals.

A whitening of your teeth should always be carried out with caution and in consideration of current dental knowledge.

We will be happy to advise you!




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