The Dentists

Dr. med. dent. Hans-Friedrich Hicks-Monreal (MD)

graduated and doctorate from Cologne University in 1982

fulltime Professional Practise Fellow from 1983 – 1986

opening of dental surgery in Pirmasens 1986

foundation PIRMADENT with Dr. Michael Menzel (MD) in 2010

Dr. med. dent. Michael Menzel (MD)

academic studies of dentistry in Munich, Tübingen and Mainz

graduated in 1987 in Mainz

medical officer at the German Armed Forces 1988 – 1989

doctorate 1989

professional training in oral surgery at Winterberg hospital in Saarbrücken 1989 – 1992

registered dentist in Rieschweiler-Mühlbach 1993 – 2010

master's degree in dental laser surgery at the University of Aachen 2005-2007

foundation PIRMADENT with Dr. H.-F. Hicks-Monreal (MD) in Pirmasens in 2010


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Dental Clinic Pirmasens

Dr. Hans-Friedrich Hicks-Monreal & Dr. Michael Menzel

Phone:  0 63 31 / 4 29 97
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Consultation hours per phone:

Mon., Tue., Thur. 8am - 4.30pm
Wed. and Fr.8am - 2pm

Treatments on appointment:

Mon., Tue., Thur.8am - 7pm
Wed. and Fr.8am - 2pm