Integral periodontitis treatment

Unfortunately, gum bleeding is not taken serious commonly, but it is known as the visible sign of a periodontitis. These bleedings of the gum are an alarm signal and need to be examined immediately, because periodontitis increases the risk of suffering a heart attack or a stroke by two to three times. During pregnancy, the risk of a premature delivery is also highly increased. However, periodontitis is both preventable and curable! We offer several treatment options and abstain from painful surgeries most of the time. By using the latest ultrasonic devices, polishing pastes and laser, the teeth can also be cleaned thoroughly underneath the gum. The bacteria are removed and the cankerous gum pockets are sterilised thereafter. For the preventive check-up and for the after-care, we advise our customers to undergo a professional dental cleaning by our specially trained prophylaxis personnel on a regular basis. In addition, we also offer a specific periodontitis test in order to determine your personal risk. 

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