Gum shield

What is the purpose of a gum shield?

Do you exercise? Then PLAYSAFE® is just right for you!

Boxing, kick boxing, ice hockey, field hockey, squash, karate, judo, motocross, mountain biking, roller skating, skateboarding, polo, military - riding, wrestling, handball, rugby, american football, water polo etc. are just a selection of sports where a gum shield should be worn. According to a study by the National Youth Sports Foundation, each year more than 5 million teeth are knocked out during sports activities in the United States alone. A gum shield can protect your from it.

What is essential in a good gum shield?

Many manufacturers offer cheap mouthguard supplies, which – due to poor fit - do not distribute the force evenly. These so-called "Boil & Bite" gum shield types are heated and the athlete bites into the gum shield. Nevertheless, such a gum shield wears out rather soon and subsequently provides no grip any more and eventually even impedes breathing.

A good gum shield hardly affects the athlete, provides an excellent fit and thus prevents derogations of breathing or language.

The PLAYSAFE® gum shield acts as a combination of cushioning and force distribution. The incoming impact is reduced and the residual energy is distributed to the entire extension of the gum shield. The force is distributed not only to the front teeth, but unloaded to the molars.

To ensure that distribution of power, the entire mouth protection needs a perfect fit.

The PLAYSAFE® gum shield accomplishes the effective distribution of force by lamination of the relatively soft, highly impact-capable material called "Erkoflex".

Which is the best gum shield for my sport?

PLAYSAFE® offers four different types of gum shields (light, medium, light pro and heavy pro). Depending on your sport, we will offer you the right gum shield.

How much does a PLAYSAFE® gum shield cost?

For this purpose we answer with a counter-question. How much are your teeth worth to you? A gum shield is much cheaper than the supply of a broken tooth. The cost of the gum shield depends on the type of PLAYSAFE® gum shield which we manufacture customized for you. In general, the mere material and laboratory costs are about 100-150€. We will be glad to provide you with a customized calculation.

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