Acupuncture with PIRMADENT

The word "acupuncture" is derived from the two Latin words acus = needle and pungere = sting

Acupuncture dates back to about 5000 years. In Western medicine, acupuncture has been known since the 15th century. 

Following Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) such as pain conditions are believed to originate from blocked channels or meridians. Needling the acupuncture point will enable the flow of vital energy (Qi) again. 

In addition to body acupuncture, micro-acupuncture systems such as ear or mouth acupuncture are of particular importance to dental surgery. 

The French doctor Paul Nogier developed ear acupuncture about 50 years ago. In therapy, ear acupuncture is particularly versatile as the microsystem ear represents all areas of the human body. The reflex pathways and their effect on the body are particularly quick. 

Indications for ear acupuncture include amongst others: 

  • pain
  • fears
  • tension

Body acupuncture is used as a treatment of gag reflex, of tension in the jaw muscles (which can result in painful jaw joints) and as a complementary pain therapy for toothache. 

We are happy to provide more information on acupuncture treatment in our dental surgery.

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