Digital volume tomography (DVT)

For the welfare of our patients, we constantly meet the highest requirement. By using our new 3D-device (DVT for three-dimensional analysis), we avoid the risk of possible nerve injuries, and obtain detailed information about the existing bone. Thanks to this technique, the control and diagnosis possibilities, as well as the quality assurance of the treatment, can be improved many times over.

Digital volume tomography in action

The following paradigmatic images illustrate the relevance of the third dimension in dental volumetric tomography (DVT). This third dimension provides additional and detailed information which has a positive influence on the therapeutic procedure. In other words, more gentle and more targeted treatments can be applied to the patient.

This 2D X-ray image shows a root-filled tooth whose root filling has failed (from the patient's perspective top right). Confused position of the overpressed root filling material!

The third dimension in this 3D X-ray image shows the additional information that the maxillary sinus is drawn from a heavy swollen mucous membrane reaction (see arrow).

Looking at the tooth with the failed root filling in this 3D image in the supervision, the results show that the overpressed root filling material was transported directly into the maxillary sinus. This information can be represented only with a 3D X-ray technology.

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