Dental Implants/Surgery

For many years, we have been working with synthetic roots, so-called tooth implants. These are either made of titanium or zirconium oxide, and are implanted into the jawbone, in order to replace any missing roots. Implants work like your own teeth and can be invaluable when teeth are missing, or even at complete edentulism – it will sustain and improve firm bite, aesthetical purposes and general quality of life at all ages.
Our new operation area enables us to execute all necessary surgeries directly in our premises, i.e. referrals are no longer required, thus making the treatment for you even more comfortable. 

Bone augmentation in oral implantology

The jaw bone experiences a great retrogression after e.g. an accident or in case of having lost teeth a long time ago. Despite this loss of bone, an implant is still possible in most cases thanks to special and modern 3-dimensional procedure of bone augmentation. We exclusively use your own natural bone material.

Based on the knowledge of the natural dentition of men, we know that an implant comes closest to natural conditions. Thus, an implant in an augmented bone offers a maximum of service life, compared to other types of dentures. You will regain your accustomed quality of life and feel as powerful and strong as at younger ages.

We are happy to explain in detail how you can get yourself a functional, stable, natural dentition again by bone augmentation. Only with the aid of a long-term, rugged solution of dental prosthesis you will regain the feeling of physical integrity to the greatest extent possible.

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